Welcome to the BlissHub Partnership
  1. The BlissHub
    The BlissHub
    We are so excited to announce the arrival of BlissHub in your local neighbourhood There is no better way for employers to say thank you to its dedicated work-force. That is why the BlissHub Global Rewards system is a virtuous platform curated as a work-space mall for HR managers across the country from both SMEs and large organisations to enhance their employee payroll benefits and make rewarding their staff more seamless than ever before.
  2. Our Partnership
    Our Partnership
    By partnering with us on the BlissHub you can offer hundreds of special offers on goods and services which users will find in one place. The BlissHub system allows you to offer our users discounts via coupons and vouchers to be built up from purchases and redeemed against a wide range of value additions discussed above. In turn this allows you to attract over 30,000 new and potential existing customers yearly.
  3. Our Approach
    Our Approach
    We built a front-facing site with full employee reward gateway solutions and a fully functioning back-end. We worked with our international partners and software developers to reach a solution which can be integrated to your existing POS systems and more. Additionally you will be able to leverage and target a more specific market segment which will raise footfalls and drive spend in your store or organisation. We call this a BlissHub because it brings joy to all stakeholders.
  4. The Result
    The Result
    You can offer as many discounts, specials and even advertise VIP entry to your in-store events. In return this will improve your brand image, brand visibility, brand loyalty and ultimately, you will get *free marketing and a healthy ROI through an engaged audience and the BlissHub experience. We believe this is a smart proposition 100% pot of *FREE Gold! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain...Together as a community we reward hard work + achieve ours goals = Bliss!
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Our Vision
Educating Minds | Changing Lives though Real Opportunities - Not Pocket Change.
Our Mission
Inspiring Retail & Building Communities, one Step, one Brick, one Solution at a time
Please contact us today for your Welcome pack and our T&Cs at  csr@keystonegroupsbe.com  Please note all vendors, service providers or retailers will be subject to our standard vetting procedures. By accepting to become a member you agree to abide by our code of ethics as stipulated in your contract. Basic Membership to this exclusive hub is *FREE with enhanced promo packages available for purchase . Membership is not guaranteed and subject to application approval through management's discretion. Any breach of agreement can lead to refusal or membership being withdrawn. As a partner member you also agree to abide by our TBL (Triple Bottom Line policy) People, Planet, Profit in that order of priority. Therefore your trading ethics and standards must reflect this vision before you can be considered to join our hub. We value our relationship with our clients and our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by encouraging fair trade, corporate governance and excellent customer service. We have worked hard to safeguard these and more of the basic consumer rights. This is a copy of our internally focused Code of Ethics which sets out the company values, ethics and objectives, therefore any service or products that we may feel infringes upon or falls short of this value chain will be regarded as a breach of our code of ethics. Our full set of ethics can be found in our T & Cs. READ CHATTER here: