Schedule of Events

At Keystone we are constantly striving to engage with the communities we work in. Stakeholder engagement is our forte because we believe sharing is caring. Therefore we often invest our time to share the property & Retail industry news and ideas with the local community. Below are the upcoming events for
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  1. TBA
    *Real Estate & Property Management 101
    10:00am - 12:00 pm Venue | TBA | Lusaka | HOT
    Become a part of the Real Estate business boom in Lusaka or Zambia. Come & meet Jennifer Nash to learn the trade secrets & basic terminology to maximise your potential.
  2. TBA
    *Real Estate & Prop. Management Advanced
    9:00am to 3:00 pm at Elunda Two | 2nd Floor | Lusaka | HOT
    Now you know the trade secrets; YOU want IN to start earning $$$? Jennifer will unveil the mundus operandi of how to BECOME a Realtor and or a Property Manager.
  3. TBA
    #WeBuiltThisCity; Its our heritage |Think Tank
    10:00am - 12:00pm | Venue TBA | R & PM's free2attend | COOL
    Are you an Architect, Urbanite, Conveyancer, Surveyor, Graduate or Community stakeholder? Have a say & discuss the future of Lusaka as a city & its Commercial Corridors.
  4. TBA
    *Real Estate & PM Masterclass
    9:00am to 3pm | at Elunda Two | 2nd Floor | Lusaka |HOT
    Ready? Meet industry experts, gain insight on future of the Zambian property landscape, Learn why & how to network, obtain hot leads, build your reputation & a solid client base.
  5. 2017
    The HML Foundation #SLCL inaugural meeting
    10:00am - 11:00am at Keystone Offices | Lusaka | COOL
    Keystone staff meet to plan for the festival. Sign up to become one of our volunteers TODAY! Give your gift of time & we have GREAT thank you GIFTS for all our SUPER-HEROES.
  6. 2017
    #Friends of HML Donor & Partner Q & A
    10:00am to 1:00pm at Keystone Offices | Lusaka | CHILLED
    The organising committee meets up with donor PARTNERS and FRIENDS of the Library to go through the event game plan; issue event badges and answer any questions.
  7. 2017
    The #SLCL festival; no suits, totally CHILLAXED
    Lose the monkey suit...HEAD on to Downtown in your colourful & festive international gear & comfy shoes! Have fun, taste food from the world over & dance to great music!
  8. 2017
    *The Protege auditions | 4-in-1 boot camp
    10:00am to 4:00pm | Strictly by Invitation only | HOT
    Be Prepared, Equipped, Mentored. Become The Protege Outstanding candidates will be invited to audition for the 1st ever 13 week 1-2-1 televised Keystone mentorship program.

Event Disclaimer: Most of our community engagements events are FREE to participate. We will endeavour to keep them as such. However we sometimes incur costs to book the venues or travel costs for the expert guest speakers for such engagements; therefore we have to share the cost of doing so with our participants. Any event marked with an asterisk (*) has a participation fee as advertised in our flyers.. If you have not seen this, you will be given an opportunity to review the costs in the response email so that you can make an informed decision before you book to attend any event. The Real Estate & Property Management events are only motivational in nature and do not in any way guarantee that you will become an expert in the business. It is entirely the participants’ responsibility to follow the normal hard work ethics, due diligence and precedence of running a business. Keystone cannot be held accountable for any loss or liability arising from your investment to start your own Real Estate or Property Management business. Keystone curates motivational events as part of its Social Business Enterprise CSR mandate to Educate Minds & Change Lives with a view of empowering or lifting people out of poverty. Below is the Idiot's guide to Keystone lingo:
HOT = High Demand event & limited spaces | COOL - Great way to be at the forefront of our epic events & do great for our country | CHILLED - You've done GREAT & already made your financial or sweat equity contribution now you get to enjoy the benefits of being a partner or Friend of the Henry Morrison Limula Foundation. | CHILAXED -That's  for all of us after all the hard work to enjoy the proceeds!