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We are a cosmopolitan (mini United Nations) laid back team that works hard but have a collegial type work style with no hierachies and certainly no structured KPI's.
We believe that professional and talented people know what they are worth; therefore we operate on trust. We are focused on Human Resource in a humane work environment, we believe sharing is caring! Even our our youngest fan, 6 year old Janae will recite this to you once you get to know us.
Our talent pool comes from all walks of life with a wealth of both professional and personal experience, with awesome stories to tell; from personal tragedies, Love conquests, milestones, achievements etc. All - always told with award winning smiles. Most of us have travelled the globe, lived in multiple cultures; countries as expatriates, immigrants and yes also as bonafide citizens duh! Lived once in New York and left before the city made us hard, Lived once in Germany and left before...oh never mind - we could go on; but we are sure you get the picture!
A work-life balance is our focal point. When you join us - you become family. We are a triple bottom line (TBL) organisation, People, Planet and Profits. So to join us means you must have an affinity to all the 3 Ps.
Oh no - we don't claim to have it all figured out - in fact  we celebrate failure and our shortcomings - that is why we are always looking for talented individuals like you to join and complete us. We believe each individual member is a keystone - holding the whole together. We always have an inclined ear - an open door policy - (a pair of ears and one mouth)...
Whether you are looking for internship or work experience or you already have PR agency experience on your belt; we welcome you to join us. Please send us your credentials NOT a CV to;  so we can get to know about your expertise...but please do tell us first about yourself; what makes you tick and that is our first port of call - YOU!! 
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“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
David Landers
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If anything, talk to us first, just fill out the easy forms below and one of us will contact you in the next
48 hours; thats our Keystone Team Promise. 
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